Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Wedding Anniversary cake

This year it is me and my hubby's 19th Wedding Anniversary.
I wanted to try a naked cake as it's the latest trend for Weddings and Anniversary's but hubby say they look terrible. Stuck with ideas, I saw a photos of a cake with flowers. I thought it would be nice to keep it a romantic theme. I wanted to add ruffles and made white modelling chocolates to wrap around a pink sponge layered cake.  Though the cake is a bit small, it was perfect size for me and my little family. I think this cake would look amazing if it had a bottom tier.  Maybe I will make something similar or a 3 tier cake next year for our 20th Anniversary.
Please be very careful when using fresh flowers on your cakes, I wrapped the stem with foil before I put it in.  Have been advise that using fresh flowers isn't safe and I have taken these out afte the photos were taken.




  1. Is the recipe for this cake on ur website?

    1. Yes it is, you have you pick them out, a Genoise sponge and white modelling chocolates

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  3. Wow..its so beautiful..Really liked it. Cakes are excellent items and can add colour and moods to any type of food. But, if it is decorated and presented well, then it is sure to become much more tempting and make the person to crave for it.

  4. Wow!! This wedding anniversary cake is just adorable. For my 5th wedding anniversary I arranged a lovely party at one of venues in Chicago where all my beasties were invited. Arranged everything perfectly there that was loved by everyone.