Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Orange Chiffon cake

Oh my love for chiffon cakes, I've been making so many I've lost count. 
I still remember how my first failed miserably! 
I couldn't figure out what went wrong? It collapsed and the sponge was too heavy. 
 I blamed the recipe and moved on to another yet failing again! I've tried so many different recipes from the Internet to baking books not one gave me the perfect chiffon!  

I didn't want to give up so I started comparing different recipes on the internet. 
There were hundreds of variations and all the pictures looked so good with big fluffy cakes but none really gave me satisfiying results.
Fed up searching, I started to experiment with the last recipe which was quite close to a successful chiffon that I've baked.
I made 3 adjustments to it and I made my first "Perfect" chiffon cake! 

I'm sharing this recipe hoping you will never fail on a chiffon cake! 
But having said that, if you do fail it's not my recipe. 
It's probably your oven! 
I've given this recipe to a few friends and they all have different results! One from being under baked and the other over baked. I bake mines at 180c for an hour and it is perfect every time.

My recipe is for a large chiffon cake. I couldn't buy a smaller tube pan as they never have them in stock. So this is why I've created this recipe to fit into my huge 10 inch tube pan. 

So you'll need a 10 inch chiffon tube pan or you could split it into two smaller tube pans. 
But cooking time will be less. You need to work that out as I haven't baked anything smaller. 

This recipes is for an Orange chiffon cake, you can replace the orange juice with other liquids to make different flavours.

Quick Blueberry sauce

Simple Blueberry sauce

I had a handful of very ripe blueberries left over from baking and I simply made some blueberry sauce for my children's breakfast. 
They had it with their porridge & pancakes. 

If you want to make more just double up the recipe. 


100 g blueberries 
15g lemon juice 
1. Tbsp sugar
1. Tbsp of water
1/2. Tsp of corn starch

Simply heat up everything in a saucepan and simmer for few minutes until the blueberries are soft enough to mush up with your wooden spoon. 
Transfer into a clean bowl and cool to serve. 
Works a treat! 



You can use this for ice cream, waffles or rice pudding.