Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mango Mousse cake

Prepare an 8 inch sponge cake.
 Recipe is here
Cut into 3 equal layers ( my son inspecting my cake)
Recipe for the mango mousse.


350g whipping cream
300g mango puree
3. Tbsp icing sugar
10g gelatin
60g water


Soften the gelatin with water and dissolve into liquid, you can do 2 x 20 second burst in the microwave until it has melted.
Once the gelatin has cooled, pour into mango puree and mix well.
Whisk the whipping cream until mousse state and add icing sugar.
Fold the cream into the mango puree and wait 10 mintues, the mousse will thicken slightly and you are ready to use it.
Here is a short video of how my cream is beaten to Mousse state.

How To make this cake