Friday, 11 April 2014

White chocolate Berry-Misu (Raspberry tiramisu)


My daughter have been asking for me to make a Tiramisu for her, it's one of her favourite desserts (though she's only been allowed a small serving when I make it.)
There's 2 ingredients that I don't like to give to my children, coffee and alcohol.
So I told her that, Mummy's going to make a Raspberry tiramisu.
She's not keen, I promised her it would taste yummy!
Still, she don't like the idea until I mixed white chocolate in with the mascarpone cream....
Mmmm...... the kids were fighting to lick the spoons after they tasted it.
Though there's no baking involved, this still took a while to put together.
If you want to have a go at making this then you need a ring mould to hold the ladies fingers.
I cut off the bottom of the sponge fingers so it would stand around the mould.
You can use a spring form tin but take out the bottom of the tin.
This is a 7 inch Berrymisu cake.


1 packet of ladies fingers sponge biscuits
250g mascarpone cheese
200ml whipping cream
2. Tbsp icing sugar
100g white chocolates (melted)
100ml fresh orange juice add 50g melted raspberry jam
(I left the jam out a few times and used apple juice, tastes just as good)
1 large box of fresh raspberries (around 300g)
Shavings of white chocolate to decorate
Optional: you can add 2. Tbsp of orange liquor to the Orange juice if you want alcohol in it, I left this out as I am making this for my children.
 Another note; taste the raspberries to see if they are sweet, mines were a little sour but the sweetness helps balance it.  So if the rapsberries are very sweet, then I would suggest to use only 1. Tbsp of icing sugar.
Cut the tip of the sponge fingers so it can stand upright around the ring mould.
I cut each one from where the last letter is on the biscuit so that they were all the same length. 
Save the small pieces as they can all go into the centre as fillings.
Melt the white chocolate and set aside to cool.
Whisk the mascarpone with icing sugar until combined and whisk the cream in a separate bowl and fold in together.
Pour the cooled melted chocolate straight into the cream cheese mixture and whisk to combine. 
Your mixture will be firm and it tastes amazing!!
Soak sponge fingers into the orange juice and layer the bottom of the ring mould, use the small pieces to fill up any gaps.
Add the cream cheese mixture and spread evenly.
Add generous amount of raspberries on top, I added some chopped strawberries too as I had some left.  You can add blueberries and blackberries if you like.
This would make it a triple berry-misu!!
Repeat the cream cheese mixture and soaked sponge fingers as a second layer and more cream cheese on top.
Lay raspberries around to cover the top of the tiramisu.
This is what it would look like but don't take the ring mould off yet!
You need to chill this for at least 4 hours to set the mascarpone cream.
Using a small block of white chocolate, scrap shavings off with a knife.
Sprinkle on top of the raspberries.
Unmould when it is ready and enjoy!
 My Verdict; the best chilled non bake dessert I've made and very refreshing.



  1. Hi! I have a question, you wrote 2 tbsp of icing sugar. But, in the picture where you mix the icing sugar and the mascapone, it seems to me that is kore sugar than 2 tbsp.

    It looks delicious btw

    1. Hi Belem, it's only 2. Tbsp of icing sugar, maybe it looks more as its spread out. But if you try this by all means add the icing sugar last to adjust to your own taste, but bear in mind white chocolate is very sweet so once you add that then you can see how much icing you want to add.

  2. Hi, I lke to ask, you mentioned repeat the cream cheese mixture. So does that mean your recipe for the cream cheese is for one layer? Thks! karen

    1. Hi Karen, sorry that its not been explained very well, the cream cheese mixture (mascarpone cream) is enough for two layers. I meant repeat the second layer and add more soaked sponge fingers. There's plenty of cream cheese mixture for one cake.

  3. Hi Mandy, thks for the clarification, sorry for sounding silly as I didnt quite know that's actually a lot of cream.. I am not too good in baking but really do enjoy it. My next question is that I actually tried this recipe yesterday but when I poured in my 'seemed perfect' whipping cream Into my cream mixture, it curdled..
    I didn't want to waste my mixture n continued to just drop the curdled mixture between the layers since i thought it still taste quite good and It will be topped with berries so noone can see how ugly it is. Now my worry is whether it is ok to eat the next day? Thks again! Karen

    1. Hi Karen, I don't think your mixture have curdled as in spoilt. It's the white chocolate the makes it a little lumpy as it would set as soon as you adding more mixture to it. The white chocolate can make it appear curdle if you add it straight into cold cream. Consume this within 3 days as how you would keep fresh cream.
      Hope that helps.
      Regards Mandy x

  4. Hi Many, thanks for the awesome non-bake recipe. Sorry i am very new in baking hence would like ask few questions:
    1. What is mascarpone cream? Can replace with cream cheese?
    2. Which ingredients make the cake stay firm without gelatin since it's non-bake? I had make cheese cake b4 without gelatin the cake is too soft.

    Thank you & have a wonderful Sunday.


    1. Hi May,
      Mascarpone cheese is the cheese used in Tiramisu, it's firmer than normal cream cheese and virtually tasteless. If you replace this recipe with cream cheese it would be too soft.
      This is not the same as a no bake cheesecake as it doesn't require gelatine. The mascarpone and white chocolate makes the whole thing set. If you are making a non bake cheesecake then you must add gelatine to set it. Hope that helps answer your questions :)

  5. Hi Mandy, may I know how do u melt the raspberry jam? Can I replace it with cranberry and blueberry jam instead since I hv a few bottles at home? Thks.

    1. Adding jam just makes the orange juice fruit, you don't have to add it if you like but as you have other flavours then I think it enhance the flavours. I put the jam in the microwave to soften it so it melts enough to dissolve into the juice. You can just add a tbsp of hot water to it to make it a runny consistency.

  6. Hi Mandy, just to check if you have any green tea tiramisu recipe to share? My daughter is a green tea fan and I wish to make a green tea tiramisu cake for her birthday this coming month end. Thank you.


    1. Hi Helen,
      It's something I will try in the near future but I haven't had time to experiment with it so not sure whether I can help you by the time you need and cake. Green tea & red bean cheesecake tiramisu sounds nice.

    2. Hi Mandy,
      It's ok if I can't make it this time. Will be waiting patiently for your recipe in the near future. Your strawberry kit kat with mascarpone cream cake looks yummy. Am thinking of replacing the chocolate sponge to green tea sponge and the chocolate kit kat to green tea kit kat. What do u think? Btw, you haven't post the recipe yet.

      Thanks and have a good day!

    3. Sounds Awesome! Would love to see it, care to share me a photo when you have made it?

  7. Hi Mandy, sorry for asking the silly question. I was curious how do u eat the berry-misu with the sponge fingers at the side?

    1. Hi ck,
      You serve it like how you would slice a cake. The sponge finger would have soften slightly after chilling in the fridge so you can break it with a fork.

  8. Hi Mandy I tried yr recipe and find tat my cakes is quite soft in ta middle. What do u think went wrong? I left it in the fridge over nite

    1. Hi Julie, did you whip your cream to stiff peaks?

    2. No.....I guess I didnt whip enough. .no wonder when I pour the batter inside it didnt fully cover the top of ta lady finger.I think I know my mistake already. Thk Mandy.

  9. Hi mandy,is all the lady fingers need to b soak only place in include the side decoration 1?

    1. Sorry for late reply, only soak the ones to go on the bottom and middle. Leave the ones around that cake dry.

  10. Hi Mandy, looking at the previous comments, so the liquid whipped cream will need to be whisked until it's stiff in consistency? I tried before if I whip it too much, the cream will curdle and it will have a layer of water. Not sure what's wrong though..

    1. Sounds like you have over whipped, keep speed on low when it looks thick and you should see streak marks when the cream is done. The texture should look like soft ice cream. If you lift the cream it should hold its shape. Then you're ready to go.

  11. Hi Mandy, I would like to know how many grams is 1packet lady fingers. It may be different country to country.

    1. Hi Shweta, I have checked for you, it's 175g packet.

  12. Made this cake for my husband on Father's day. He loved it!

    Here you can check mine: