Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Durian Mousse cake

Ohhhh... I love Durian, my husband loves Durian, my daughter loves it too.....I'm training my 3 year old son to like it but not sure if he is as keen as we are.
In the UK, fresh Durain is very hard to find. We always stock up on frozen ones we buy from the chinese supermarket so that whenever we fancy Durians, we have it at available at home.
This makes it very convenient for me when I want to make Durian cakes.
I have found the basic sponge cake recipe for a mousse cake is too firm and I really need something that's soft and fluffy to compliment the smooth and creamy mousse.
Like the 'melt in the mouth' feeling.
I came up with this sponge as an experiment and it worked a treat.
It was a soft and fluffy sponge that was a perfect match for the mousse cake.