Sunday, 4 May 2014

Strawberry decorations

Have you ever wonder why many of my cakes using strawberries are alway the same size?
Well, you probably think that I must be lucky enough to buy them in a box the same size.
No, not always the case and I have bought strawberries that came in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
I have come up the a method I use all the time to cut strawberries into the same size and I will share it with you.

Pick out a Strawberry that is what size you want for your cake.
Cut in half.
Grab another one thats slightly bigger than the first one.
Cut the second one into an angle so that it is close to the first one.
Again cut the otherside, so that both ends matches up with the first piece,
You will have the excess from the middle part which you can use as filling for the cake.
When you lay them out you can see that they are the same thickness and equal lenght.
Here's a quick video that demonstrate how it's done.