Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cheung Fun 腸粉 (Rice Noodle Roll)

I have always wanted to try making my own steamed Cheung fun but I never knew what goes into it apart from knowing it is made with rice flour.
I have seen this recipe from a group I have joined on Facebook.
I wrote the recipe down but forgetting who have shared this, unfortunately I cannot give credit to this person who have helped me make my first Cheung fun.
I would say this is very time consuming and I didn't have the right equipment but nevertheless I went ahead to make this as I always like a challenge and would try something with whatever equipment I have in the kitchen.
With this recipe, the original post says to use a square steamer.
Well, I haven't got a square steamer but only an electric pot and two 7 inch flan tin.
I have seen on YouTube a lady steaming cheung fun using a wok of hot water and an aluminium tray to make these so I guess what I have will do the job too.
So here I went ahead and managed to prepare fresh cheung fun for my little son.
250g rice flour
70g tapioca flour
40g corn starch
50g oil (I reduced it to 30g)
900ml of water
I added 1. Tsp of salt.
Stir everything together and set aside.

I greased the flan tins lightly with cooking oil.

Using a small ladle, I add a scoop of rice flour mixture into the flan tin.

I put the tin floating in the hot water & put the lid over it.

The big pot I used is the ones you use for steam boat / hot pot.
I steamed for about 3 minutes or until it started to look set.

Once it is transparent, flip over carefully with a flat knife.
And continue the process until you have used up all the rice flour mixture.
It did take over an hour to make.
If you can steam in a steamer then it would probably saves you burning your fingers like me.
My verdict:  worth the trouble as they were very fresh and soft.
Add filling if you like or add topping of your choice with some soya sauce.