Monday, 25 August 2014

Raspberry Friands

Have you had lots of egg whites left over after making custard or egg tarts?
Wonder what to do with it other than baking a pavlova or meringue nests!
Well, let me introduce to you these little beauties, Raspberry Friands.
Usually baked in oval moulds, this French cake is sometimes mistaken for a muffins. Texture is similar to a madeleine and it only uses egg whites, butter, icing sugar, ground almond and very little flour. This is very simple to make and ready in under an hour!
Would you like to try this too?
I only have a muffin tin so that is what I will be using, you can use silicon tart cases.
Friands can be baked with any other fruits, nuts or even chocolates.
Add fruit zests or desiccated coconuts.
It's endless of what you can add to it.