Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chocolate Mousse cake

I made this very special cake for a very special young man that I have known for 6 years! 
Where have the time gone?
It is his birthday today and I hope he likes chocolate! 
Don't count the calories! Haha.... 

Happy Birthday Squib! Many happy returns. 

Here's the recipe and I hope you will try this and make it for someone special for their birthday too. 

To make this chocolate mousse cake you will need a 7 inch chocolate sponge, recipe is here.

Chocolate mousse recipe here and chocolate ganache recipe here.

Right, now you have everything ready let's build our cake!

Divide your cake into layers.
Spread thinly a layer of chocolate mousse on the sponge.

Do it for each layers until the last sponge then spread the chocolate mousse all around your cake.

Smooth out with a palette knife or a pastry scraper.

Cover with chocolate rice by scooping it up with your hand and holding the cake tilted with the other hand.

Press firmly to stick the chocolate rice onto the sides.

Tap off the excess and continue coating the chocolate rice all around the cake.

Brush off any chocolate rice around the cake board.

Pour runny chocolate ganache on top of the cake.

Smooth out the top of the cake.

Pipe shell shapes with chocolate mousse  around the top of the cake.
Decorate with fruits and use thick royal icing to write your message.
One Chocolate Mousse Cake made in 2 hours!


  1. Uaaaaauuu...! me encanta, todo de chocolate, te ha quedado muy bien...!


  2. Mmmm! Looks yummy! I think we might make one just for fun!!

  3. Thank you I've gotta try this :-)

  4. mandy I love ur cakes..... im additcted of baking. its my passion......:)

  5. This looks mouth watering. I am a huge mousse fan.

  6. The link for chocolate sponge cake doesn't have the recipe anymore

  7. Can I have the chocolate sponge cake recipe plz?

  8. thanks for sharing this grate yumy cakes . I know one more site baking