Thursday, 23 January 2014

Eton Mess Cake


Eton Mess is a tradtional English dessert consists of fresh cream, strawberries and meringue.
I will show you how this cake is made.

All you need is an 8 inch sponge, recipe is here.
A tub of whipping cream 500ml with 3. Tbsp icing sugar to sweeten
Box of fresh strawberries
12 ready made meringue 

The ingredients are easy, it's assembling of the cake that requires a steady hand and a little patience.
Prepare an 8 inch sponge and cool on a wire rack.


You need a serrated knife and a ruler to cut 3 equal slices.
I have an icing comb which has digits in cm.
Once it is cut in to 3 layers, whip the cream and cut the strawberries.
Now to layer your cake with strawberries and cream.

When the last layer of sponge is placed on top, cover the whole cake with cream and smooth with a palette knife.
Decorate with meringue and strawberries.
I have added broken meringue, cream and pieces of strawberries in the centre of the cake.


Slice and serve.