Sunday, 30 March 2014

Peach cheesecake (non bake)

"You have been baking far too much lately" hubby says.
But I was itching to make something, well something I don't need to bake so he won't moan at me.
I thought maybe a cold dessert would be nice as my kids gets excited when I say I'll make a dessert.
So I put together a non bake peach cheesecake hoping he would be ok that its not another cream cake.
Anyway, I made my cheesecake in under an hour and decorated it with thin slices of the tinned peaches.  It looked great but too bare so I topped it up with a peach jelly made with the juices that came with the tinned peaches.
Whoa! This is fun!
 I didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be a very pretty cheesecake indeed.
I have managed to pull off another delicious cheesecake reinventing the recipe as I went along.
This was a massive hit with my friends and especially my hubby!
Something you might like to try at home too. Very simple, no baking involved and ready to eat in 4 hours!!


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Le Fraisier cake

Are you planning to make a cake for Mother's Day?
How about something like a Le Fraisier cake?

UK Mother's Day is on the 30th March, I know that in other countries, Mother's Day is in May.
But if you're not in the UK, you can book mark this recipe for later. 

My version of the Le Fraisier is very simple, I haven't used creme patissirie but substitute it with heavy cream and custard instead, saw this on a James Martin programme and that is what he used.
If it's good enough for a professional then it's good enough for everyone else.
 I'm always looking for quick and easy alternatives.

If you like to try this then here is the recipe.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Rainbow Chiffon cake

After having over a week with a household of poorly people! My baking have been on hold.
I really wanted to bake something for the children so they can have a little treat.
My son really miss my baking the most.
I didn't want something too heavy so a chiffon cake would be perfect for them.
What flavour? well, how about a rainbow one?
My daughter gave me this odd look! ok not quite a 7 layer rainbow one but 4 is still colourful!
So I decided to try a four coloured one using Yam paste, Pandan paste, cocoa powder and vanilla extract.
Here's the recipe:

6 egg yolks
70g caster sugar
95g corn oil
1/4 Tsp salt
155g plain flour
1 & 1/2 Tsp baking powder
120ml warm water
7 egg whites
70g caster sugar
3/4 Tsp cream of tartar
1.Tbsp yam paste
1.Tbsp pandan paste
1.Tbsp of cocoa powder mix with 1. tbsp hot water to form a paste
1.tsp vanilla extract

Ombre birthday cake for my little princess

It was my daughter's 8th birthday last week.  I promised her I will make her a birthday cake.
Few days before her birthday, my son fell ill, he had high temperature, sickness and the chills. My poor baby wasn't feeling good at all.

I really didn't think I could make it in time. But in between looking after him, I made the cake in separate stages.
I baked the sponge first and then will decide later if I could decorate it.
It was a little rushed but I was thinking a quick & simple cake is better than no cake.

To my surprise, I manage to make a rosette ombre cake for her and talking about trying to make it simple cake! I had to go for a little complicated one. But it was so worth it as she wasn't expecting it, she came home from school and was so happy to see it.