Thursday, 7 November 2013

My mother in law's birthday

My mother in law celebrated her 80th birthday back in April this year. We flew to Malaysia for her celebrations and I also needed this well earned break.  Shopping & food heaven! 

One of the things we had the responsibility for was picking her cake. 
Exciting to enter a bakery with full of cakes & masses of fridges, me & my husband sat down with a huge folder of cake pictures. 
Flipping through the pages, one cake stood out from the rest.
We saw a picture of a cake which had some beautiful skilled art work piped on the cake like a portrait. 

When didn't realise how big it was until it arrived at the restaurant that evening. 
It came in two boxes and took up a whole table.
When the covers came off, it was the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. 
Every details & pattern was to perfection. 

It was one of the most stunning cake I've ever seen, don't you agree? 

Lemon & Raspberry cheesecake

Here is one of my favourite cheesecake, Lemon with Raspberries.
I have always preferred baked cheesecakes as I love the creamy and cakey texture.
I find baked cheesecakes are easier to make compared to non bake, but I know many people are afraid of making this as the method looks complicated.
But if you have tried it once, you will never buy another baked cheesecake again!
 You will need an 8 inch spring form pan & a tray to put your cheesecake into bake in hot water.
Line the bottom of the cake tin with parchment paper.