Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Quick Blueberry sauce

Simple Blueberry sauce

I had a handful of very ripe blueberries left over from baking and I simply made some blueberry sauce for my children's breakfast. 
They had it with their porridge & pancakes. 

If you want to make more just double up the recipe. 


100 g blueberries 
15g lemon juice 
1. Tbsp sugar
1. Tbsp of water
1/2. Tsp of corn starch

Simply heat up everything in a saucepan and simmer for few minutes until the blueberries are soft enough to mush up with your wooden spoon. 
Transfer into a clean bowl and cool to serve. 
Works a treat! 



You can use this for ice cream, waffles or rice pudding. 


  1. I have some extra blueberries in my freezer this would be perfect for!

    1. Yes, it only take few minutes to make. This is superb for breakfast. My kids love it.