Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Oreo cheesecake (non bake)

I asked my brother what kind of cake he would like for his birthday this year, he immediately said "Oreo cheesecake!" A Cheesecake for your birthday? Strange request but I guess it's still OK as long as it looks like a birthday cake. So being a lovely big sister, I made him an Oreo Cheesecake!
Kids were excited and as I was in the process of making it, they kept coming over pinching the Oreo biscuits. I've lost count of how many biscuits I used but it was almost 3 packets!!
I can't believe how heavy this cheesecake is and not to mention how many calories it contains!
So, who said cheesecakes can't be used for birthdays!

Here's the recipe to the non bake Oreo cheesecake.
100g Oreo cookies (discard the filling)
50g melted butter

 Line the base of an 8 inch spring form tin.
Crush the Oreo cookies and add the melted butter.
Press firmly into the base of the tin and chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.
For the filling:
300g cream cheese
80g icing sugar
10g lemon juice
50g milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract
200g whipping cream

10g gelatine soften in 50g water
Prepare the gelatine by softening it in 50g water, let it bloom for few minutes and then dissolve into liquid, set aside.
Make extra crushed Oreo biscuits for the filling and to coat the sides of the cheesecake, cut 6 biscuits in half with a sharp knife for decorating later.
Whisk the cream cheese with icing sugar the add the milk and combine until smooth.
In a separate bowl, whisk the cream to soft peaks. Pour the cooled gelatine slowly and keep whisking until it has completely mixed in well.
Fold in the cream cheese mixture with the cream then pour in the lemon juice and vanilla extract and whisk quickly to combine.
Add more crushed Oreo's and fold until it is mixed evenly.
Chill in the fridge for at least 5 hours or over night.
Once ready, remove the cheesecake from the tin and add crushed Oreo's around the cheesecake.
Pipe cream around the top and add half a biscuit to decorate.
And it's ready to serve.
It's really is that easy!
Split the cheese mixture into two.
Add one half with crushed Oreo's and the other half plain.
Pour the mixture with Oreos first then the plain on top and chill in the fridge.
Coat with chocolate ganache recipe is here

You can make a chocolate plaque by melting white compound chocolates and set on acetate sheets or projector film. This would leave the chocolate a shiny surface when removed, I used to use baking paper and it doesn't give the chocolate a glossy finish.


  1. Look so yummy! Can i use agar Agar powder to replace the gelatine?

  2. This looks delicious Mandy. I have a question though. What is the brown layer on top? It looks like a milk chocolate ganache

  3. This looks delicious Mandy. I have a question though. What is the brown layer on top? It looks like a milk chocolate ganache

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