Saturday, 6 September 2014

White modelling chocolate

I have found the next best thing for my cream cake decorations.
White modelling chocolates.

You need :
12oz of Wilton's candy melts
70ml of glucose syrup
Melt the Candy melts in the microwave, heat it for 30 seconds and mix, another 30 seconds and it should be half melted and mix then lastly 20 seconds and it should have completely melted.

Warm glucose syrup for 10 seconds in the microwave and pour into the melted chocolates. Stir immediately.

Keep mixing until it stiffens and stop.
Knead with hand gently for 30 seconds and wrap in a ziplock bag.

Leave over night.

By the next day it should have harden, remove from the bag and break into smaller pieces.
Start knead in a clean work top coated with icing sugar. Now your modelling chocolate is ready to use.
I made chocolate ruffles for this cake.
Roll out a flat piece of modelling chocolate on to work top, dust with icing sugar to avoid sticking and cut into strips. Wrap it around your cake.
You can refer to this link for dark and milk modelling chocolate


  1. Hi Mandy,

    How was the sweetness of this Chocolate Modelling?

    I only know Dark Chocolate have various % to be chosen as the higher % it is, the chocolate is lesser sweet & some even have a little bitter so will not have problem with adding icing sugar.

    I'm not sure about White Chocolate. Please advise if possible.


    1. I find this quite sweet compared to dark chocolate. But this could be that's it is candy melts and not real white chocolate. If you roll it out thinly for your cake decorating it isn't too bad.

  2. Hi Mandy... Would it be the same recipe if I was using white chocolate instead of candy melts?

    1. You can google the recipe for white chocolates as I think it would be slightly different.