Sunday, 7 September 2014

Snow skin moon cakes

 It's here!! Mid Autumn festival. Have you made moon cakes yet?
This year I wanted to try something different apart from the traditional moon cakes. 
You can find my traditional moon cake post here.
A fellow Blogger Jenny Ong, which I have been in touch with lately, have shared with me one of her Snow skin moon cake recipe. As her blog is in Chinese which I can't read, she kindly translated her recipe in English for me and have given me the confidence to try it.
And the results were amazing!!
Here is Jenny's Snow skin moon cake recipe link
I took her recipe and divided the dough into two and made half with Green tea flavour and the other half chocolate.  The filling for the green tea moon cake is home made red bean paste which was given to me by my mums friend.
For the chocolate moon cake, I used shop bought lotus paste.
 30g plain flour
60g glutinous flour
 60g rice flour
 50g sugar
230ml fresh milk
60g corn oil
1 tsp green tea powder with 20ml of warm water
 1 tsp cocoa powder with 20ml warm water
You will need cooked glutinous rice flour for moulding the moon cakes as they are very sticky.
Sift ingredients (A) together and set aside.
Mix ingredients (B) together and mix it into (A)
until it is smooth and strain.
You will have a loose batter.
I have split the batter into two, so that half is green tea and the other half is chocolate flavour.
In Jenny's method she made one batch and place the batter into a 6 inch tin and using a 7 inch tin  under it filled with water.  I did the same using a smaller bowl and a larger one and covered it with tin foil but I steamed mines in a rice cooker (as pictured above)
I steamed this for 30 minutes.
Once it have finished steaming, you might find the cooked dough greasy, Jenny said this is normal and just keep folding with a spatula until it's smooth, after 10 minutes of folding the dough became lovely and smooth.
When it cools down, wrap with cling film and place in a container and chill in the fridge overnight.

The next day I have weighed and prepare the fillings and snow skin dough, 30g filling and 20g snow skin dough.  I am using a 50g mould so this is the correct ratio.
This is the cooked glutinous rice powder I used it so that it doesn't stick to everything.
If you find the snow skin very sticky, you can wear latex gloves to wrap it.
I used quite a bit of the cooked rice powder, the moon cakes may appear to be coated wit hflour but it will gradually soak into the snow skin.
Once these are done, place into an air tight container and leave in the fridge.
Jenny have also made Pandan and chocolate flavours, here's the link if you like to try them.
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Jenny, she is always there to give me guidance.
I will defiantely make these again next yeat and hope to try different flavours and filling.



  1. Omg! These mooncakes are adorable; I love the pattern and the colors! Where can you find these mooncake molds? The ones my mom has are the wooden ones that you have to bang really hard to get the mooncakes out :/ Thanks!!

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