Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My boy turns 3

Where have the time gone? 2 weeks ago my little boy turned 3.
He loves Toy Story so I had to make a Toy Story themed birthday cake for him.
But to make one with no fruits was a bit challenging for me as I'm so used to covering my cakes with fresh cream & fresh fruits.

I decided to make a chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache & chocolate mousse. 
Then colour the fresh cream with blue food colouring. 
I thought it be a good idea to pipe his name and Happy 3rd Birthday on the cake with the Toy story logo, but what could I use? I've done some research and I know that many professional bakers use piping gel on cream. 
So off I went to buy a pot and when I opened it, it had a strange smell & it was rather thick. 
Pretty worried it had gone off, I googled it.
It was suppose to be like that. 
Ok, I had to go ahead with it as I have already decide to pipe it that way. 

Anyway, it was getting late and I was still trying to pipe the whites clouds around the cake. 
Then I realised I forgot to find all the figurines to put on top of the cake, so I told my daughter to look through all the toy boxes. We managed to find it all except Buzz lightyear. Oh grief! Buzz is my sons favourite character. I was gutted that I won't be able to put him on the cake. 
I'm not normally this unorganised, and piping the words on the cake was a nightmare. 
The piping gel was far too thick. 
So note to myself: 
'Practice when using something new' and 
'Never try decorating a cake when the kids are due for their bedtime.' 
Oh...... They were tired & I was rushing it.  

After spending what seems like forever on the cake, I finally completed it but leaving two very tired children calling for their beds & lots of washing to do. 
This is my first ever themed cake and I wished I took more time putting a bit more thoughts into it. 
But what's more important, is that I had a very happy little boy on his birthday to celebrate with the people he loved the most. 

This cake is 9 inches and covered in fresh cream, filled with chocolate mousse and coated with chocolate ganache. 

A slice of my baby's birthday cake & I'll give it higher marks on the taste than the look. 

Happy Birthday

My son is 3! 

(We eventually found Buzz  hiding behind the sofa!) 


  1. Your children must be very lucky to have such a great mom! Your recipes are amazing! 赞! Love it :)

    1. Thank you Hey Yo! I just love baking for them, especially my son, he's my biggest fan. My daughter wants to make her own birthday cake next year!

  2. Hi Mandy, how do you make the cream to frost your cakes? Is it whipping cream?