Saturday, 28 December 2013

Making of the mini mango mousse cake border.

My mini mango mousse cake is completed and this is how I made the chocolate border. 

I've prepared a mini mango mousse cake and chilled overnight in the fridge.
It's ready to take out of the tin for some more decorating. 


I placed my cake onto a white plaque. 

I measured and cut out two strips of chocolate transfer sheets and melted white chocolates. 

Cover the two strips of chocolate transfers with tempered white chocolate. 

Wrap one strip of the chocolate transfer to the cake then straightened it before apply the second strip.

A few tools needed to get the chocolate border on the cake. 

To make the little heart shape patterns on this mousse cake, you can refer to here to show you how it's done. The pattern is made from mango puree.

My daughter enjoying the mini sized cake