Friday, 22 November 2013

Steps of some cakes I have made

Here are some cakes I have made and to show you how its done.
Hope you enjoy viewing my blog.
Chocolate Mousse cake
I had chocolate lacquer glaze left over from making a birthday cake the previous night, so I made these little cakes. I love to recreate new bakes with left over ingredients. Perhaps it's a way we learn a to make new recipe. Well, it certainly has for me. 

Mango Mousse cake made for my niece.




I've been busy baking, I made this for my brother's girlfriend.
I choose a chocolate lacquer glaze with chocolate sponge and fresh cream & fruits. 
I wanted an elegant, feminine look so I opt made pink macarons with white chocolate strawberries. 
The white would stand out of the dark mirror glaze.
This cake took me two days to complete, I made everything myself including the birthday plaque.


I made this cake for my parents Anniversary in May 2013.
My mum requested a less sweeter cake due to her diet.
This cake is a lighter version of the cream cakes I usually make and I decorated it with edible flower wafers and tempered dark chocolate by making them as twigs for the flower.
I love decorating this cake. It's very special to me as this cake was for my parents 45th Anniversary. 
We had a lovely evening with them and hoping to celebrate many more wonderful Anniversaries. 


Our Wedding Anniversary was back in September. 
We don't usually celebrate it with a cake but as I have started baking again. I thought I make one just for my hubby. We have been married for 18 years! 


Strawberry mousse cake with vanilla sponge. Made with fresh strawberries. 
Treat for a hot summers day. 


Cake I made for my brothers restaurant. 
Chocolate sponge with mango mousse and fresh fruits.


Tiramisu cake with chocolate lacquer glaze made for my birthday. 

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