Sunday, 10 November 2013

Rainbow cake

I felt like a challenge one day so I decided to make a rainbow cake. 
And what a challenge that was! 

I used a chiffon sponge recipe which wasn't the best idea as I have deflated the batter when I tried adding flavour & colour gel to it and mixing it to combine. 
I also used a 7inch flan case to bake each layers individually. 
This took so long as I only have 2 flan cases and a tiny portable oven to bake one sponge at a time. 
In total, I have spend 1 and a half hours just baking them. 

I made red & pink sponge in strawberry flavour, purple in yam flavour, yellow in vanilla, green in pandan flavour & blue was plain as I don't have a blueberry essence. 
I whipped up fresh cream and sliced thin strawberries, kiwi & peach between layers. 

I will try to make this again but changing the sponge for a butter one. 
But overall for a 1st attempt on a Rainbow cake, I think I've done a pretty good job. 
 Don't you think? 

One tall slice please!

My daughter found an old birthday card and we compared it. 


  1. hi Mandy....your cakes look very good! Thanks for sharing! So how does the deflated sponge cake taste like? still soft and moist? And do so many flavours compliment each other?

    1. Hi Little Munchkin,
      The sponge still tastes good, just a little dense, the flavours of each layers wasn't very strong so therefore the whole cake tasted quite the same! I guess if I was to make this again, theres a lot of adjustments to get it right haha! but overall I had fun making it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lovely looking cakes. First time in your space & loved your space.