Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Chocolate muffins

My daughter don't usually request for what she wants me to bake, but today she asked me to make those chocolate muffins I baked a few week ago. 

These are very simple to bake and I had sour cream left over so why not? 
This time I didn't make the ganache as I didn't have cream but these are pretty good on its own with out topping. 
If you love chocolate then you should try this Recipe

Muffins are my favourite to bake as doesn't involve any major whisking. 
Just two bowls, one dry and one wet ingredients. 
Pour wet into dry and fold 10 times then straight into the oven it goes. 
That's all. The washing up probably take longer than making it. 

These are the perfect 6! Kids fed and one happy mummy. 

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