Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Blog's 1st Anniversary

It's one year already!! I can't believe how time flies.
Today is my Blog's 1st Anniversary.
Here's a quick look back at the cakes I made for my special occasions 
Hubby's birthday cake - Chocolate cake with mirror glaze.
Christmas - Reindeer's and Christmas pudding Cake pops.

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies
Father's Day cake - Green tea and red bean cake

Daughter's birthday cake - Ombre Rosette cake
 Easter cake - Chocolate mousse cake with basket weave.
Mother's Day cake - Le Fraisier cake

My Birthday cake - Mango mousse cake.

My Wedding Anniversary cake - Vanilla cake with white modelling chocolate ruffles.

Snow Skin Moon cakes - Red bean and Lotus paste
Son's Birthday cake - Spider-Man Pull apart cupcake cake.

Last but not least Halloween Cake - Black Forest cake with whipped cream frosting.

Hope you have enjoyed following my journey.
What an amazing year it's been. 


  1. Congrats to your 1st blog anniversary! and thanks for sharing with us all your yummy delicious recipes :)

  2. Hey congratulations for your blog’s first anniversary! All these cakes are looking stunning. I also booked a pretty location for vows in Florida. It is a beach location so I think last one cake would be perfect for that. What do you think dear?

  3. Hey congrats bt pls can u tell m how u dd ur mango glaze pls?